26 september 2013

My break Hampus

My break

On the break I almost sit whit my iPad an plying games as sims and F18 carrier landing it's a I airplane simulator.
Have you played a airplane simulator tho the iPad so give me a tips on the comments.

My study tips Josef

Freddylinos study tips

My study tips Hampus

Typical school day.

Typical schoolday

My study tips - Dominik

13 september 2013

Typical School Day

Typical School Day

8:20 am - 09:40  am School start. Right now are we doing a project named My True Story.

9:40 am - 10:00 am Now do we have a short break.

10:00 am - 10:40  am We have english.

10:40 am - 11:20 am We have math.

11:20 am - 12:10 pm We got lunch.

12:10 pm - 13:20 pm We have math/My True Story.

1:20 - pm 1:30 pm Another short break again.

1:30 pm - 2:20 pm We have math/My True Story.

2:20 pm Home time :)


When we have recess or break

1. Swimming in the sea or a pool.
2. Cook.
3. Play with friends.
4. Laze around.
5. Be with my family.
6. Play minecraft.
7. Play a game called clock.
8. Sleep.
9. Look at movie's.
10. Play piano.
11. Sways.
12. Play football.
13. Fish.
14. Play on my iPad.


When we have recess,breake,weekend.

1. Sways.
2. Play fotball.
3. Swimming (in the summer).
4. Trampoline.
5. Doing funny trailers with friends.
6. Play a game called clock.
7. Play with my friends.
8. Play minecraft.
9. Ride.
10. Play on my iPad.
11. Sleppt over.
12. Play piano.
                                                              Typtical school day

A typtical Wednesday!

8.20 am-10.00 a.m

We have science with mr Sernesteand. In our work we research on diseases. We have 1 week to get the work done. I haven't worked with it so mouch, so I must work with it a little more. Tommorow it's wednesday, so we gonna have a presentation. 

10.00-10.20 am we have brake. We often play fotball.

10.20-11.00 am we have French. 

11.00 we have lunch and a break. 

11.40 am we go back to french and we work until 12.20 pm. And we have a break to 12:40 pm.

12.40-02.40 pm we halves the class and the one half go to home economics and the other one have science lab.

And 02.40 we have reached the end!

Holidays :)

When we have recess I like to do fun things. According to me this is funny to do.
1. Jump trampoline
2. Swim (but only in the summer)
3. tent in our garden
4. Water war
5. Play computer games
6. Play TV games eg call of duty with my cousin. Or just dance 4
7. Be with my friends
8. Bake
9. Cook
10. And lots of other things

This is what I like to do at our recess!

A typical school day

8:20 am - 10:00 am.               We having science.

10:20 am - 11-00 am            We having Spanish, German and French. But I have Spanish.

11:00 am - 11:40 pm            We have lunch and a break.

11:40 am- 12:20 pm           We have Spanish, German and French again.

12:40 pm - 14:20 pm.            We having labratory or home economics.

09 september 2013

Typical School Day - Eric

Typical School Day - Eric (Thursday)

At 7:00 am. I wake up and put my clothes on.
At 7:10 am. I eat breakfast.
Around 7:35 am. I'm done eating breakfast.
After breakfast I brush my teeths.
After brushing my teeths I do some unnecessary stuff.
At 8:00 am. I go to school. And play on my iPad before school starts.
8:20 am. The first lesson starts. We usually have math. Then after half the time we switch to something other.
9:40 am. The lesson ends. And we have a 20 minutes break.
10:00 am. The lesson begins. We usually have Geographic.
11:30 am. We have lunchbreak.
12:10 pm. The break is over and we have lesson. We have Gymnastic.
1:10 pm. Gymnastic is over and we have a small break.
1:30 pm. The break is over and we have lesson. We have English.
2:20 pm. School ends!

My true story


      7: am. My alarm wakes me up. I put my clothes on and eat breakfast. 
  I give the cats and the dog food and water then I walk the dog. Then I watch Tv or play on my iPad.
7.35:am. I check that I have everything with me and then I put on my helmet on and my key so I can look the door and take the bike to school.
7.45: am. I look my bike at the bike parking and enter the School.
8.20: am. School starts.
9.40:am. Break 
10 am Lesion 
10.40 am A new lesion
11.20 am lunch and brake
12.10 am another lesiouodn.
13.10 am our last break of the day.
13.30 am Finaly our last lesion of the day....

A typical school day


8:20 am - 10:00 am.     Are we having science.

10:20 am - 11:00 am.    Are some of us have Spanich & German  but I have French.

10:40 am -  12:20 pm.     Are we having Spanich & German and French again.

12:20 pm - 12:40 pm.      Are we eating lunch and have break.

12:40 pm - 14:20 pm.          Are we having labratory or home economics biwekkly.

Typical School Day

8.20am Math
10.00am Music
10.50am English
12.10am Math
13.30am Project Astrid Lindgren
14.20am The day is over in school and we can go home

This how a Monday can be at my school .

06 september 2013

Typical school day

On Wednesday we start at 8:20 a m to 10:00 a m and we have My true story
At 10:20 a m to 10:50 a m we have language selection. I have French.
At 11:40 a m we have other lesson off language selection.
At 12:40 p m we have HKK/no lab, that's Home Economics and science lab.

My typical schoolday

7am.           I wake up
7.40am       I eat.
8.05am       I go to school
8.20am       School begin
8.20am       We have a lesson
10am          We have a break
10:20am     German
11am           lunch break
11:40am      German
12:20am      break
12:40am     baking or biology or chemistry
2:20pm        end of school

Typical School Day.

8.20: The school begin and everyone go to their classrooms. Our teacher is reading for a while. And then we work with My true story.

9.40: We have a small break.

10.00: We go in to class again and have English.

10.40: We have math.

11.20: Lunch and lunchbreak.

12.10: The lunch is over and we go to class. We have My true story.

1.10: Break.

1.30: We have My true story again.

2.20 The school is over.

Typical School Day :)

This is a typical school day for class 6B on a Thursday!

08:20 - 10:00 we start the day and do My true story. 
10:20 - 11:00 I have Spanish.
lunch break
11:40 - 12:20 I have Spanish again.
12:40 - 14:20 We have science laboration  or home economics.
this is the end of the day.

"My true story" is a project that we do, it's about us. We write about our own lives. We will show it to the class so we know more about each other.


05 september 2013

Typical school day

My Typical school day!

8:20 a.m - 09:40  a.m School start. Right now are we doing a project named My True Story.

9:40 a.m - 10:00 a.m Now do we have a short break.

10:00 a.m - 10:40  a.m We have english.

10:40 a.m - 11:20 a.m We have math.

11:20 a.m - 12:10 p.m We got lunch.

12:10 p.m - 13:20 p.m We have math/My True Story.

1:20 - p.m 1:30 p.m And another Break;D

1:30 p.m - 2:20 p.m We have math/My True Story.


My school day morning

At 7 AM I wake up put my clothes on Then Walk my brother to school And then I go to school. When the lesson starts we usually do a lot of different things. We got the iPad this year so we work with that pretty much it's quite fun.