24 februari 2014

Movie review-insidious

Insidious is about a family who is haunted bay a man who is very creepy. And this creepy ghost really want to live, so his trying to get in to the oldest sons buddy. One day the boy came into a coma. So they haves to move to a house the father lived in when he was a little boy. But what they don't no is that, the house they moved into is also haunted. They really want there son back in life so the father has to go to the ghost world and get his son back. And when he do that he kind of opening the ghost-archway, and a lot of ghost came into there house. It's one ghost that not suppose to come in because she is a very dangerous one. She was haunting the father when he was a little boy. And when the father gets the boy home every ghost disappear but before they do that, the very dangerous ghost gets into the fathers buddy and preteens to be the father so she can kill the family and get back to life. The and

The Restaurant


Is about two sisters. The old one was named Elsa and the little one was named Anna. They where princesses. Elsa had very strong powers. she could make it snow and frees everything that she wanted to. One day when they played Elsa shot Anna but it was an accident. Then Elsa was so afraid of shooting some one that she would never go out or be with Anna. They bouth felt really lonely and when their parents died in a sinking ship. Anna Wanted them to be with each other. Elsa is going to be the queen. But suddenly everything goes wrong and that's when you feel like the movie actually begins. The movie is awesome. I think almost everyone like it and some May love it!

Frozen is really H.C Andersen story. He did write a lot of story's.            

07 februari 2014

She's the man She's the man is an American romantic comedy from 2006 directed by Andy Fickman. Amanda Bynes plays Viola and Channing Tatum plays Duke they are the main characters in the movie. The film is about a girl called Viola. Viola's football(soccer) team is cut from the schools sport program. She and her teammates want to try out for the boys team. The coach and the boys believes that boys are much more athletic than girls so he says that they aren't allowed to play with the guys. Viola gets upset and decides to pretend to be her brother and to try out for another team so she can prove that girls can be just as athletic as boys. She then falls in love with her new teammate Duke. I thought that "She's the man" was alright. I liked the plot but I didn't like the acting. Some of the actors overdid the acting. I still recommend this movie to girls around the age of thirteen.

06 februari 2014

Movie review

Movie review about The Karate Kid

 The karate kid is a action movie. It's about a guy who is called Dre Parker. He was the popular kid in school. But he has to move from Detroit to China because his mom got a job there. On the new place some guys are bad to him. They want to fight with Dre all the time. Dre met a man who is called Mr Han. Mr Han is really good in Kung fu so Dre wanted Mr Han to learn him. At first mr Han didn't want to learn him but after a while he sad yes. After a lot of training Dre signed to a Kung fu tournament.

I like the movie because it has an exiting story. I really recommend to see it.

Production year: 2010
Directed by: Harald Zwart
Lead actors in the movie: Jaden smith (Dre Parker) & Jackie chan (Mr Han)

03 februari 2014

Movie review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The movie, called The Hobbit, is a fantasy film based on the book with the same name written by the author JRR Tolkien.

In the film, a dwarf kingdom of Erebor in the lonely mountain was taken by an evil dragon called Smaug.

The main character is a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. One day Gandalf the Grey, a wizard, and thirteen dwarfs led by Thorin Oakenshield visit him.

They want his help to reclaim their homeland Erebor.

He agrees to help them and their journey takes them into the wild through dangerous lands of Middle Earth where they fight against Trolls, Goblins and Orcs. The Orcs are led by a huge pale Orc called Azog.

Bilbo also meets a creature called Gollum and there he finds Gollum's magical ring.

Bilbo and his companions are chased by the orcs when they meet a huge bear. The bear, called Beorn, is a skin-changer who can take the form of a man or a bear. Beorn helps Bilbo and company by lending his horses.

Azog travels to a ruin called Dol Guldur, where he is given command of the Orc armies by an evil creature named the Necromancer. Azog tells his son Bolg to hunt down the dwarfs.

Bilbo and the company reaches a forest called Mirkwood where they loose their way and are caught by giant spiders.

Bilbo, with the help of the magical ring, help set the dwarfs free.

The Wood Elves of Mirkwood arrives and imprison the dwarfs. Bilbo help the dwarfs escape from the Elves.

The company then meets a man named Bard who smuggles them into a lake town called Esgaroth.

In Esgaroth the company are assisted by its people and they continue their journey to the lonely mountain.

There Bilbo discover the hidden entrance and is sent into the mountain to retrieve the Arkenstone, a great jewel, only to awaken Smaug.

Bilbo and the dwarfs are now being hunted by Smaug and they try to kill him by drowning him in liquid gold. Smaug survives and escape the mountain, determined to destroy the lake town and its people for helping the dwarves.

I think it's a really good movie because it's happens a lot and its also a good story and I like fantasy.