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We are grade 6 at Kristinedalskolan in Stenungsund, Sweden. This is our blog that we use in our English classes with our teacher Mrs Tegnér.
By: Gargargarrik

We are a part of project with schools in other countries. We have collaborators in New Zealand, Australia, Canada,  USA and South Korea. 

We are going to do weekly posts about things like: Typical school day, Food, Recess/Break/Weekend activities, Our local environment, Traditional stories and festivities, Traditional songs.

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Our blog is in a competition called Webbstjärnan.

In the Swedish Curriculum for learning English language and Art, we have been working with the following Core content.

Creative Commons

Many of our pictures are from Flickr. If you try to save them and click on them, you will end up on Flickr and can see the license of the picture and who has taken it. 

Our own pictures and videos are published under the following international license:

Creative Commons-licens
Detta verk är licensierat under en Creative Commons Erkännande-IckeKommersiell-DelaLika 4.0 Internationell Licens.

Why we should win Webbstjärnan 2104

This is a movie about what we have learned during the work with our blog and why we think we should win Webbstjärnan 2014.
We have been collaborating with schools from other countries from September 2013 to January 2014. We still use the blog for publishing our different school projects.

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